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There are already many who have chosen Écru as a local and restaurant of reference for eat raw in Rome: read their reviews on the raw restaurant and join the group of our fans too.

Unbelievably delicious! The women ruled this not-to-miss vegan restaurant in Rome. The food is fresh and designed for your tastebuds and eyes. The chefs and sever are personable and knowledgeable. Gluten free, vegan and raw food in an easy going atmosphere. 22 seats. We waited 10 minutes. Well worth the wait! Not pictured here are the absolutely best non-dairy deserts in Rome!

Dawn S.

The place is very nice and definitely nothing like the regular roman cuisine. I can appreciate the interiors and the attention to detail and creativity. I’m not a huge fan of raw food culture, which made me question such a high price for something I couldn’t fully enjoy. However I’m sure lovers of this type of restaurants would think it’s worth every penny, hence the five stars.

Alice S.

It is very difficult to find vegan breakfast in Rome, even simple bread and jam (a couple of cafes we tried only had egg based pastries), therefore Ecru gets all the praise from me. This is an excellent vegan restaurant that puts the emphasis on healthy, wholesome food.

Enikő T.

Great completely vegan restaurant! We had a glass of Sangiovese, kombucha, the “cheese” tasting platter, a sprouted quinoa energy bar, a piece of cake (I think it was called kamu cake) and the mango cheesecake. Everything was of outstanding quality and really delicious. It’s a little bit pricey (cheese platter for two 15€, mango cheesecake 6€) but totally worth it.
The interior is beautiful and the service was very nice.

Patricia D.

I was sceptical at first about vegan food because I’m not vegan. But it was so delicious that I came three mornings in a row. I definitely recommended. A tip: I think that all this delicious sandwiches should be visible in order to attract more guests, especially non vegan ones because they like to see food before ordering 🙂

Ines G.