Discover the pleasant atmosphere of our raw food restaurant in Rome

Color, nature, energy, simplicity, beauty.
These are the concepts that inspired us to create, in the center of Rome, a place different from all the others: Écru. A place to meet, drink and eat only organic products which, since their growth and harvest, have undergone the fewest possible transformations. There are those who call it raw food.

No dish or drink you will consume here has ever been exposed to a temperature above 40 degrees (except our coffee!). In this way, the nutritional and organoleptic properties of each food remain unchanged to obtain healthy, energetic dishes with more intense flavors and aromas.

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Much of our work focuses on the choice of organic ingredients, dop, docg, coming from small farms in the national territory and at zero km. Lactose-free, egg-free, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. We prepare everything with products that come from the earth: vegetables, fruit, seeds, processed at low temperatures, with fermentation, marinating and drying processes. Processing times are long, slow and accurate.

All our proposals are freshly prepared, just as the supply of products is necessarily daily. We do the shopping every day: making you eat very fresh and strictly seasonal things is another of our foundations.

How our raw food restaurant was born

The discovery of raw food cuisine is love at first sight: a little later the idea of ​​Écru was born, a project that will be carried out on the thrust of enthusiasm and passion.
In September 2015 everything is ready: let’s start. And here we are In a raw food restaurant conceived for the preparation of every meal: lunch, dinner, aperitif, but also a breakfast absolutely to be discovered! Our kitchen is always open.
ECRU has also become an art gallery: we host the works of artists who want to associate their art with ours.

The thing that pays us the most for so much work is to feel surprise and satisfaction in the words and eyes of those who come to visit us. It is also for this reason that we always want to be here personally: the work is a lot, but the direct and daily contact with our customers and guests is indispensable for us. You will always find us.

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